Sewn SIDES grew out of the SIDES collages. Using canvas strands (acquired by deconstructing painting canvases) the outline architectural shapes from the collages are further abstracted and drawn onto paper. An exercise in seriality and permutation, Sewn SIDES explores and documents the world of shapes the buildings’ echoes have left behind.

Statement for SIDES

My series of works entitled SIDES is based on photographs I take of “lost” buildings in New York. When buildings are demolished they leave trace shapes on the adjoining buildings beside them. I have used these shapes as the basis of my artworks, formally incorporating the ghostly outlines of buildings after they are gone. In New York, rapid turnover means that these vestigial outlines are very quickly concealed by new construction, all but erasing the memory of the original buildings. SIDES visually echo the loss of three-dimensional space by creating a two-dimensional memorial of disappearing architecture.