String-Nail 41_1, 2015  
String-Nail 41_2, 2015 String-Nail 41_3, 2015
String-Nail Chevron I, 2015 String-Nail Chevron II, 2015
String-Nail Chevron III, 2015 String-Nail Chevron IV, 2015
String-Nail 3x4 I, 2015 String-Nail 3x4 II, 2015
String-Nail 2x3--4 to 2, 2015 Zurich String-Nail I, 2014
Zurich String-Nail II, 2014  
String-Nail Five Triangles, 2014 String-Nail Five Triangles, 2014 (installation shot)
  String-Nail File + Square, 2015
Albestrasse, 16 + Kant Strasse, 30, 2014  
String-Nail Drawing I, 2014 String-Nail Drawing II, 2014

My most recent work uses nails, string, and pages from deconstructed vintage photo albums and scrapbooks. It references the worlds of architecture and construction and bridges two-dimensional and three-dimensional space to investigate visibility and invisibility, presence and absence. The string maps out ghost building sites; its weightlessness creates perceptual volume while suggesting the fragility of construction. The nail operates as a grounding, and both a starting and end point.